October Gardens
Yoga & Meditation Center
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Monday Yoga - 8:30am, 4:00pm & 6:30pm

Tuesday Yoga -  4:45 pm 7:00pm

Wednesday Yoga - 6:45pm

Thurs Yoga - 9:30am & 5:30 pm

Kids Yoga 4:30pm 

Friday Yoga- 8:30 am

Saturday Yoga - 9am

Wednesdays instructed Meditation 

Sundays - 6:30pm Meditation for peace







About Us

October Gardens mission is to maintain an intimate and sacred environment for people to grow in their physical and spiritual practice without the underlying commitment of a membership but of one's own free will.

Our mission is to guide students in the evolution in their yoga practice leading to a more content life. To explore ways of living more consciously and joyfully in the midst of the complexities and complications of life.  To support and develop a practice that aids in the transformations of each individual.  Our intention is to maintain a space that respects and nurtures each student from the new to the experienced practitioner to do their self work.

Our belief is that we are here on this earth to serve and help each other.  We built this studio on the principle of Karita , which means the act of charity, and Seva, selfless giving.  October Gardens is committed to the daily contribution to the individual , community and global wellbeing.  We allocate class donations to Water For Life, Outreach international . Supporting clean water to villages in underdeveloped countries.  We support multiple children connected to the Childs Fund.  Along with other  local volunteer opportunities.

"To move the world we must first move ourselves "- Socrates

Every practice helps changes the world 

October Gardens is a interfaith center opening the doors to the many ways to universal peace without judgement or convergence .

You are invited and welcomed to join us -